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We develop next-generation emergency calling and crisis management technology.
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Main Benefits

Next-generation emergency features without changing current PSAP procedures
Geofence-based reverse notification communication
Live video, photos and real-time text from the scene of the incident
Complete caller identification, including detailed medical profile, and pre-classification of the incident
Live and precise location tracking during the emergency call
Cross-border functionality
We are in daily contact with the emergency services across the regions. We are constantly improving the system based on feedback and suggestions from rescue teams at the operations centres and in the field.

NG-SOS System:
Effective emergency communication

The caller often isn’t able to provide vital information, especially if they are in shock, seriously injured or their surroundings are unfamiliar. This is why we created the NG-SOS system, which significantly facilitates and streamlines both patient communication with the operations centre and managing the entire rescue operation.

NG-SOS is a modular solution for effective two-way communication between the caller and the operations centre. The system’s modules are designed to work as a whole or in conjunction with already-established technologies within a particular organization. Whether you are dealing with real-time image transmission, a mobile app for emergency calls, a public warning system, or notifications for first responders — NG-SOS is the technological leader in the field of emergency communications.

NG-SOS System Tools

Utilising WebRTC technology for direct image transmission from the incident site, the NG-SOS system consists of five components that can function as a whole, or as separate modules.
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